Preparing an Informative
Handout / Sign

Using an informative handout or sign can enhance your WWII jeep display.

The link below will bring you to a sample of the sign/handout that I use when displaying my restored WWII jeep.  Feel free to use my handout as a template to prepare one for your jeep.

A couple pointers on the preparation of your handout:

    Length - keep it short, one side of one page maximum

    Pictures - have an image or two on your handout to increase interest

    Content - provide a variety.  Have a few short, clearly identified sections (Mine has a               "General History", "This Vehicle's History", "Restoration", and a "Trivia" section.)

    Return Focus - at the end of your sign, point out an interesting feature of your jeep to
        return the reader's focus to the vehicle on display (see my "Trivia" section)

Click HERE to see my handout / sign.

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