How to fix rust the right way.
Patching a rust hole in a WWII jeep body.

Repairing a rust hole in a WWII jeep body part can be accomplished by either replacing the rusted panel by spot welding in a new panel or by butt-welding in a patch.  Butt-welding in a patch piece is more labor intensive in some cases, but it preserves more of the originla body metal.

The link below brings you to a list of 15 pictures that show the work done in chronological order to repair a rust hole in a Willys MB driver-side step.  The tub is upside down to facilitate the repair and has already been sandblasted.  The tools used are a gas shielded mig welder, a small die grinder with a cutting wheel to remove the damaged area, tin snips to make the repair part, hammer and dolly, and angle grider to remove the weld beads.  View the images from the top of the list to the bottom to see the work unfold.


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