Auxiliary Stop/Tail/Signal
Light Assembly
     This assembly plugs into a standard WWII trailer socket and attaches to the steering column to provide a full funtioning set of vehicle lights for the rear of your jeep.  It can be installed on the vehicle without tools in under two minutes and is removed for display/parade/show in under two minutes. The assembly can be stored in a OD canvas bag under the rear seat or in your trailer.
It can be adapted to any WWII vehicle with a correctly wired trailer socket. The assembly operates when the vehicle's service headlights are ON.  With the relocation of just one wire under the dash, the assembly will also function with the headlights off (push-pull switch all the way OUT). Notice: If the vehicle light switch is set for "blackout" then the brake light function will NOT work.

     The assembly is held to the rear of the vehicle magnetically and to the steering column with a thumb screw type avaition clamp.  Some scratching of paint might occur, but may be preventable with some padding under the clamp, etc.

     Total cost to build is $100 plus the price of a WWII trailer socket plug ($15-$25 available from WWII vehicle parts dealers).  It requires no special tools to build and only about two to four hours labor.  This assembly provides a removable alternative for persons wanting a 100% stock vehicle, but who also desire the safety of dual tail-lights, stop lights and turn signals on the rear of the vehicle when operating on roadways. (Notice: Build and use this auxiliary light set at your own risk)

Instructions and Recommendations
Parts List
Wiring Diagram
Wiring Harness Dimensions
View of Assembly Laid-out
View of assembly installed
Close-up of plug installed
Column-mounted switch
Column clamp (close-up)
Plug pigtail (close-up)
Signal Switch, Flasher and Ground Clip (close-up)
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