Taking a WWII jeep off-road...

Welcome to a virtual trail ride.  OK, so this trail ride is mild by some guy's standards, but with all those hours of restoration work behind you it's hard to drive your jeep into a giant mud-hole or into ragged rocks and stumps!  Even though the WWII jeep is a remarkably agile and capable off-road machine, you don't have to  push it to it's limits to have a lot of back-country fun...
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Off we go!  We're heading down the road to a discontinued town road about 4 miles from home .


Turning onto the dicontinued town road one can see that the road does get some maintenance from a local ATV club.


Once we're off the pavement I like to remove the canvas top and drop the windshield.


The top goes under the seat


And the widshield gets secured down.


Now we can see, hear, and smell the trail on this great early fall day!


A nice easy trail lies ahead...


The recently rebuilt bridge is the work of the ATV club.


The nimble little jeep fits easily on the bridge.


The trail is narrow in spots, but the little jeep fits fine.  It is September and the trail is quite dry after a dry, hot summer...


But the low spots still offer up some mud.


And some minor wash-outs here and there.


The view over the hood shows the long trail ahead.  We will follow this road until it crosses a pipeline about another mile away.


I almost seems as though the old jeep is enjoying the trail as much as we are.


We approach the intersection of the discontinued town road and the pipeline.


A quick right -hand turn onto the pipeline right-of-way and we start our climb...


Here the pipeline rises across a ridge ...


...and then descends into a valley.


The wide open terrain contrasts with the narrow abandoned town road from before.


As we reach the bottom of the valley we near today's destination...


and pull off the pipeline towards it.


We are at the site of Tarr's Mill. A small water powered grist mill and settlement that was abandoned a hundred years ago.  The woods hide several house foundation holes, roadways and a small Cemetary where the Tarr family is buried.


The mill dam breached and washed out long ago.


Today, in the dry season, this brook is but a trickle, but in the spring thaw, I would not park the jeep here for sure!

I wish to thank my son Alex for photographing this trail ride for us - nice images Alex!

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