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The MB Image Index and GPW Image Index are based on the idea that a picture is worth a thousand words.

The image indexes offers access to several lists of images.  The titles of the images are fairly cryptic and I do not as yet have any search or index capabilities on this site.  I am in the middle of the restoration of MB 392034, with a fairly tight schedule, so enhancements to this site will come slowly.  New images, however, are posted as progress continues on the restoration.

The "Phase One, Phase Two, Phase Three..." lists are organized in chronological order of my restoration technique. The "Interesting F Marks" list is added-to as I find these marks during my progress and so has no real sequence to it. Some other lists (GPW47678 , Bantam Restoration, etc ), are static as these vehicles are completed. The only other list that changes routinely is the "Parts for Sale / Trade" which I update as parts come and go.

I am a hobbyist-restorer located in  Topsham, Maine, USA. I restored my first jeep in 1974. I certainly do not claim to know everything about MB's or GPW's. I do, however, offer these images to others so that they may learn with me from my mistakes and discoveries. If there is an image you need, please let me know and I will attempt to post it.  I welcome your questions, comments and corrections by email.

Ren Bernier

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