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A resource for jeep restorers, military vehicle historians, and WWII jeep enthusiasts, providing a growing collection of images related to the restoration of   WWII jeeps. The jpeg images on this site are available for use with proper citation please.
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Restoration of MB 392034 (dod 11/44) was begun on September 23, 2001.  The resoration is currently in progress.
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 MB 392034 Before Restoration
 Phase 1: Disassembly and Documentation
  Phase 2: Repair and Reassembly of Chassis and also Frame Damage Repairs
Phase 3: Repairs to Body
Phase 4: Reassembly of Vehicle
 MB 392034 After Restoration
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Restoration of GPW47678 (dod 7/10/42)"Old Dogface"  [seen in the background of this page] was completed in the spring of 1998.
This vehicle was on display at the MVPA national convention in Tobyhanna, Pa. in August of 1998.  It was purchased by the Cole Land Transportation Museum in Bangor, Maine in June of 1999.
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